by Rosalyn Fay

Each year a word presents itself to me as a defining concept for that year. For 2012 the word was Discernment. For 2013 that word is Freedom, and I can honestly say I’ve earned a ticket on the 2013 Freedom Train. Whew!


2012 was a very intense year for me. I met a soulmate, had one of the most intense relationships of my life, learned a lot about my own patterns of relationship sabotage and ultimately learned that I couldn’t truly love another human being until I fully loved myself. I explored what loving myself would mean and put that into practice. Ironically, I found the more I loved myself, the more it took me away from my soulmate and the more he committed to loving himself, the more it took him in another direction. So, after months of ignoring the writing on the wall, we reluctantly said goodbye. I cried so hard on the drive home, I had to pull the car over twice. I’m very sad, but also immensely grateful for all the ways I grew and for finally feeling, in the marrow of my bones, what true love is. True love is freedom. Freedom to honor our individual paths without fearing that we will lose out on love. Love doesn’t end just because the relationship does. My soulmate and I feel even more in love now, in our physical separation, than we did during the relationship because we are so grateful to the other for gifting us with their unconditional love and blessing to follow our soul’s calling.

The last few months of deciding to separate were brutal and, not coincidentally during that time, I also experienced the biggest health and spiritual challenge of my life. After two months of trying everything under the sun to cure myself, and starting to come to terms with the idea that I may have a chronic health condition, I tried something very unconventional, and it is working! The experience taught me that nutrition is only one part of being wholly vital and healthy. Another major part is our relationship to our bodies and our self worth. My body is now healing but only after accepting that there was no prescription, herb or health food that was going to permanently cure me. The missing ingredient remains one of the biggest personal growth challenges of my life and one I will be sharing soon in an upcoming blog (If you’d like to receive my blog posts, you can sign up on the top right side of the page).

Somewhere in there, I also broke a couple bones…

So, as painful as 2012 was, I am so grateful for it all. I grew immensely as a person. I experienced profound love, and I realized that my health is intimately connected to my spiritual and emotional health; that while I may look healthy and my body may be in good physical condition, if I am not tending to my emotional health, disease can literally occur overnight. Perhaps most importantly, last year I learned that the slow path is the only real path to wisdom, real love, health, happiness and true success.


I’ve never been so inspired and clear about what I’m doing and why it’s so important. I am a passionate believer in the story as a vehicle for change. It’s virtually impossible to judge someone and feel disconnected from them after hearing their story. Sharing our stories unburdens us and opens us up to connect with others on a deeper level, and that is what I think we are all so hungry for: to connect with each other in deeper, more meaningful ways and to discover that we’re not alone in our experience. Imagine the possibility for global connection and healing when people from all over the world can easily access and hear each other’s stories!

I’ve got big plans for Freedom 2013. They include:

-Launch a series of live events! The first event in May on creative expression “Express Yourself!” was a big success! I’ll be posting videos of the event soon. The next event on holistic health “Heal Yourself!” will be this fall. Stay tuned for details.

-Hire a production team! I can’t do it all by myself anymore. I need help! I need to hire video editors to edit the growing number of interviews and camera operators so that I can focus on hosting and interviewing instead of on managing the set, adjusting lights and running 2-3 cameras all at once. Whew!

-Launching a spanking new website! While I love the existing site, the blog format has its limitations when it comes to showcasing an ever growing amount of video content. The new website will be easy to view what I offer and will enable you to move through more video content more quickly.

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With all of my heart, I thank you for your love and support over the years. It’s been quite the journey, but it’s all coming to fruition and I wouldn’t have arrived at this place without the inspiration I’ve gained from you all.